In relation to the descent of the river I have agreed to become an affiliate of the FIRaft association Aguaraja and agree to the conditions below.

    I the undersigned




    1. to have been informed in advance by the organizers of the specificities and risks associated with river activities and to express the intention to participate in them by their own decision and at their own risk, acknowledging that they have received all the technical and behavioral instructions to be followed in any emergency situations, including the possibility of swimming in the river even for training purposes only;
    2. not to be aware of any pathology that may constitute a contraindication for the activity for which the registration is required;
    3. to undertake to pay the utmost attention to the briefing that will take place before the start of the river activity and which, at the sole discretion of the technician, may be deemed unsuitable for boarding if it is deemed that he has not understood the technical and behavioral instructions provided and / or that he would not be able to put them into practice;
    4. to acknowledge having been equipped with the specific safety equipment required by W.R.F. (World Rafting Federation) and by the self-regulation rules of the F.I.Raft (Italian Rafting Federation) exhibited at the nautical base;
    5. to have been fully informed of the content of this declaration, which he has carefully read, signing it on his own free initiative;
    6. to exonerate, therefore, the Italian Rafting Federation, the affiliate FIRaft AGURAJA and its technicians (guides, teachers, instructors) from any liability and compensation, except in the event of proven and obvious willful misconduct or gross negligence, against them for damages physical and material occurring before, during and after the descent, even if due to unrelated third parties or other participants;
    7. to expressly accept all the provisions of the Statute and Regulations of the F.I.Raft and to undertake to observe them and fulfill it without exception;
    8. i consent to the processing of my personal data pursuant to article 13 of the GDPR and having read the information published on the federal website https://www.federrafting.it/documenti/category/11-modulistica.html, in the manner and for the purposes indicated in point 1a, strictly connected and instrumental to the management of the membership relationship, which allow their treatment to the extent necessary for the pursuit of the statutory purposes, and also to give consent for such data to be communicated to FIRaft and to the entities with which Aguaraja collaborates and treated by it to the extent necessary for the fulfillment of obligations established by law, by the statutory regulations and by those of the order
    9. to authorize Aguaraja and its collaborators to use the images and / or to make video footage that shows him / her portrait. He also declares that nothing is due to him, neither now nor in the future, for the use of the aforementioned photographic and / or video material by Aguaraja, which could be used for the preparation of brochures, for the site. internet, posters, sticker albums, calendars, relieving the user of any responsibility from now on;

    Having stated and reiterated the above, the undersigned asks to be registered with the Italian Rafting Federation as “Tourist-Amateur” through the affiliate AGUARAJA.

    I agree to everything stated in the previous points, from 1 to 9, pursuant to art. 1341 and s.s. of the C.C.

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